SCZ - Streams                       July 24, 2005
The core SCZ routines enable whole files or buffers to be compressed or decompressed. However, this may be inconvenient when data is prepared or consumed incrementally. The following routines, found in scz_streams.c, offer alternative methods for accessing SCZ compression incrementally, by individual lines or XML tags, instead of whole file buffers. They enable ".scz" files to be opened for writing or reading, followed by many character-string-line reads/writes, or XML-tag reads/writes, and finally closed. They operate much like fopen, feof, fgets, fputs, and fclose. The SCZ equivalents are: Examples can be found in the SCZ streams-tests package. The formal definitions are provided below: Note: The scz_compress_lib.c and scz_decompress_lib.c must be included in the compiled file when using the scz_streams.c routines. For convenience, commented-out include statements at the top of scz_streams.c can be uncommented, if not included elsewhere. Logo